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Homecoming (or, You Don’t Go Home Again)

I moved away from my home state of Montana at 18, spending most of the next fifteen years in Washington State with briefer stays in California, Arizona, and as an … Continue reading

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Trump’s 81%: The Rise of Authoritarianism in Evangelical Culture

Two years ago, I experienced an off-putting event. I was slated to give a paper on the evangelical church movement I study in Seattle at a conference hosted by Fuller … Continue reading

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When Will You Stand Up?

Trump voters of the moderate ilk: I keep hearing that you’re not racist, that you care about others. That all you wanted was change: better jobs, affordable healthcare, things like … Continue reading

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A Collection of Prayers on the Morn of Trump’s Election

I arise in mourning today. As my Facebook feed, comprised of friends from many cultures, nations, races, and religions, grows ever-populated with responses to the election, I’m faced with a … Continue reading

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To My Conservative Uncle

This has now been sent with minimal revisions To My Conservative Uncle, I’m writing to tell you that I voted for Hillary. I voted by absentee ballot last week, and … Continue reading

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Three nuggets of insight: 1) You don’t look at icons. Icons look at you.  2) That gesture? It’s a benediction. It’s a whole theological statement. 3) They’re household items. They’re meant to be … Continue reading

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Field Notes: First Sunday at Cross and Crown (formerly Mars Hill Ballard)

Written on 1/4/15, the date of Cross and Crown’s first service. Mars Hill had fashionable carpet. Taupe and coffee-colored stripes angled in a mismatched, rebellious kind of way. It was … Continue reading

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